Diving and Snorkeling Experience in Villasimius

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The Subaquadive Service is open all year round and offers many services such as equipment rental,  diving tours for both experienced and beginner divers. You can leave your diving equipment at our Centre free of charge where our staff will look after handling and rinsing all material on a daily basis.

Very few locations in the Mediterranean have the same natural beauty such as the white sandy beaches, the wonderful characteristic fragrances of the Mediterranean nature and the high concentration of sea life preserved by the Protected Marine Area Institution of  Capo Carbonara.

New to diving? Perhaps you have never had a chance, or are a little afraid? Maybe you didn’t have the  right company? Thanks to the Intro Diveyou  can try a real dive, without having to worry about anything, just breathe and look around. The instructor will explain some basics and then will take you by the hand, managing the equipment for you,  you only have to relax and admire the magical underwater world, within a maximum depth of 5 meters.

OUR OPINION: Diving is a great way to know Southern Sardinia not only from the sea but also under the sea! It doesn't matter if you have never dived before or if you're an experienced diver, there are offers for all levels.

For dive tours at sea they use 2 rigid rubber boats, one 7,40 mt. powered by a Suzuki 225 hp and the other 6,60 mt.  powered by Evinrude 175 hp., these dive boats allow you to reach the numerous diving sites inside the Protected Marine Area Capo Carbonara and also the wrecks from the 2nd World War in the Gulf of Cagliari. Both boats are equipped with all safety items, emergency O2 and decompression station in order to guarantee maximum safety and security during the delicate phase of resurfacing..The drinks and snacks are offered for the guests on board. 

Make your reservation through Welcome to Sardinia and use your Sardinia Passport credit now! Contact us by Email: desk@sardiniapassport.it, Tel. +39 070 7966254 or WHATSAPP: +39 345 8791724

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