Ethnographic and mineralogical-paleontological Museum of Arzachena

Museo di Arzachena etnografico e mineralogico–paleontologico, via Mozart – 07021 Arzachena

The ethnographic and mineralogical-paleontological Museum is one of the places to visit in Arzachena. The center houses about 15,000 items including minerals and fossils, purchased by the municipality from private collections, and is destined to become a "Center of territorial documentation of the science of earth and man." The exhibition area is divided into two sections: fossils and minerals.The fossils range from archaelogy to trilobites, through elements of flora and fauna.The minerals are represented by 15 samples collected in different parts of the world and 110 samples from Sardinia alone, relating to the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods. The museum broadly illustrates the geological and palaeontological history of the region, and allows an excursus to be carried out in the main mineralizations of the areas of Sulcis-Iglesiente, Medio Campidano and Cagliaritano.

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