Boat Excursion to La Maddalena Island from Cannigione

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During the trip, you pass close by the islands of Caprera and Santo Stefano to get to the island of La Maddalena where you could go shopping and visit the historic sites.

The voyage continues towards the most beautiful islands of the Maddalena archipelago where, on the islands of Spargi and S.ta Maria a stopover for about an hour is made for swimming. Then a panoramic tour of  the Manto della Madonna, the sea area which by its depth assumes colourations that are unique in the world.

The voyage then passes close by the Budelli Island, famous for its pink beach where landing has been prohibited in the past few years since it became a protected area. At lunchtime a first course of pasta will be served on board.

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During the stop on Spargi island, in Cala Corsara, the most enchanting bay of the island, you can view rocks that are truly natural sculptures: caused by wind erosion and other weather phenomena, the rocks have taken on particular forms: the head of a witch, a dog, boots, etc. On returning you will pass by Punta Sardinia, Porto Raphael, Palau and Capo d'Orso where you can admire the famous namesake rock.

Departures are everyday from the ports of Laconia, Baja Sardinia and Cannigione.

Return is around 5.00pm. Transfers can be organized on request (not included).

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