Excursions to Is Zuddas Caves from Cagliari

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The renowned caves of Is Zuddas, are located in Meana Mountain at 256 meters, 6 km far from Santadi and about 60 km far from Cagliari. This unique and unreal setting, houses four rooms with stalagmites and stalactites. These special concretions make this place really magic.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA OPINION: One of the many nature's wonders in Sardinia definitely worth the visit. Because you don't need to arrive by sea like to other grotte in Sardinia the access to the caves will not be influenced by bad weather conditions and thereforw they're open whole year round.

The caves extend for a length of about 1650 meters but the tourist path is limited to 500 meters. The charming and picturesque setting makes these caves a place that deserves to be visited and admired.

The transfer will take you to the caves in Santadi and back in about 90 minutes.

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