Locanda dei Buoni & Cattivi Restaurant in Cagliari

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Via Vittorio Veneto 96, 09123 Cagliari

The restaurant is surrounded by greenery. The kitchen is traveling through the taste of fresh and genuine products, from our land and our sea. They use the fruits and vegetables of the farmers, the oil of the community La Collina, the vegetables grown by the Libera Terra Association confiscated from the mafia, the organic cheese company Floris Siliqua, rice from San Vero Milis. The wines are all special and from Sardinia and coffee is 7Gr.

Every day they make bread and pasta. They are made with durum wheat semolina that we taken from Settimo San Pietro where they still use the millstone and wooden sieves. The bread and focaccia have a sourdough full day.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA OPINION: Medium high prices but they're justified by the natural ingredients. Shabby chick atmosphere and th outside terrace is most appreciated during summer months.

The dishes can be also prepared without gluten and lactose. They are careful to all allergens and we ensure that all of us can find the right dishes. There is always a vegetarian menu and they adapt our cuisine to the needs of vegans.

Make your reservation through Welcome to Sardinia and use your Sardinia Passport credit now! Contact us by Email: desk@sardiniapassport.it, Tel. +39 070 7966254 or WHATSAPP: +39 345 8791724

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