Maò de Plà Restaurant in Alghero

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Via Garibaldi, 87, 07041 Alghero SS

The Maò de Plà restaurant takes its name from the type of vaults that have characterised the structure since the 17th century.

The carefully designed interiors give the restaurant a refined and elegant atmosphere.

The skilled chefs have the expertise to delight even the most demanding of palates, thanks also to the quality of the ingredients and the variety of the menus.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA OPINION: The excellent location and the traditional local cuisine, based on delicious Medirranean fish recipes such as "aragosta alla catalana" - lobster Catalan recipe, definitely worth a visit!

Open for lunch and dinner, it has 150 covers and offers diners the opportunity to enjoy their meal either within the restaurant itself or on the stunning open-air veranda (a canopy can be erected when necessary).

The pizzeria, located in the room adjacent to the restaurant's dining room, is very much the realm of the wood-fired oven, which is entirely coated in copper (to symbolise fire) and was built by a local master craftsman. As an alternative to the à la carte menù, there is the so-called "giro pizza", which is suitable for parties of 4 diners or more and sees each diner enjoying a quarter of each of 4 different pizzas.

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