Su Nuraxi Barumini Nuragic Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site with transfer from Cagliari

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Near the Giara plateau, in the central-southern part of Sardinia, appears the symbol par excellence of a glorious past, an impressive Nuraghe in excellent condition, the island's only site to be declared a tangible UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit includes Su Nuraghe nuragic complex, Casa Zapata museum and centre Liliu. The transfer from/to Cagliari is included. Minimum participants apply.

You will meet with your driver at Cagliari centre and go to Barumini town, which is a typical countryside town.

Our Opinion: You have not seen one of the most important historic monuments of Sardinia if you have not been in Barumini. The best part of the nuraghe is that you can get inside of it and climb the rocks that have been installed there by the ancestors of Sardinian people.

The three museum areas are located in different parts of Barumini town.

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