Visit of Giara Plateau Nature Park from Cagliari

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Giara plateau lies 500-600 m (1,640-1,969 ft) above sea level and extends over 44 sq km (27.3 sq miles). The name ‘Giara’ (Sa Jara or Pranu ‘e Jara in Sardinian) appears to originate from the Latin term ‘glarea’ (gravel), in reference to its predominantly stony terrain.

The steep slopes of the Giara, carpeted in verdant woodland and Mediterranean maquis, have taken shape in the soft marly marine sediments of the Miocene and are sculpted occasionally by vertical seasonal streams.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA OPINION: The wilderness of Sardinia can be found not only by the sea but also exploring the inner lands. Recommended to families and lovers of nature and animals.

On these slopes, recurrent natural springs often emerge due to rainwater infiltrations seeping through the cracks and fissure openings which cross the basalt rock summit. Thanks to its spectacular landscapes and notable naturalistic importance, the Giara plateau has been listed as one of the nine Natural Parks established by the Regional Law n° 31 of 1989

Archaeological evidence of the Neolithic, Nuragic, Roman period, and interesting pastoral settlements that were still in use few years ago can be observed. We will finally admire the wonderful Giara horses (Cavallini della Giara) in their natural environment. Around 180 horses can be counted within the area. Minimum participants 2, Transfer from Cagliari included

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