Visit to Cheese Factory in Dolianova from Cagliari

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In 1954, Ennio and Eligio Argiolas founded the company “F.lli Argiolas” in Dolianova, amongst the green hills of Parteolla, in the province of Cagliari. Nowadays, “Argiolas Formaggi” is an avant-garde dairy farm that specialises in the production of typical Sardinian cheeses and that uses exclusively local sheep’s and goats’ milk.

The guided tour will walk you through the factory rooms offering explanations and interesting facts on the history and the techniques of cheese production.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA OPINION: Cheese is one of the basic foods in typical Sardinian diet. If you're one of those foodies that travel to learn about local food traditions this is an excursion for you.

The guests will be equipped with the “visiting kit”: white coats, hairnets, shoe covers, and disposable masks. At the end of the tour, a complementary cheese tasting session will be offered. Aged cheeses, Fresh cheeses, Ricotta (Italian soft cheese), Packaging, Cheese Aging rooms.

Minimum participants apply. Duration 4 hours.

Make your reservation through Welcome to Sardinia and use your Sardinia Passport credit now! Contact us by Email:, Tel. +39 070 7966254 or WHATSAPP: +39 345 8791724

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