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Passport support
Passport support

Centre de service Italie
(Pour acheter le Passpaorto)

Téléphone : +39 0707966626

Courriel :

WhatsApp : +39 3312145424

Passeport Assistance

(Pour les services de réservation   )

Téléphone : +39 0707966254

Courriel :

WhatsApp : +39 3312145424

  • How can I buy the Welcome To Sardinia passport?
    1) Online from this website 2) at all our partners and authorized dealers worldwide 3) Offline, call +390707966254
  • How can I pay for the Welcome To Sardinia passport?
    1) By credit / debit card directly online 2) For Paypal account 3) By bank transfer (Italy or UK bank) 4) In cash at our information point or dealer
  • How will I receive my passport after purchasing it?
    1) At the airport (Cagliari, Alghero or Olbia) upon your arrival if it is between 10:00 and 19:00 2) At the hotel after check-in 3) At our information point 4) If you wish to have your passport delivered to your home you will need to add the courier costs.
  • How is the credit used and the account balance updated?
    After each booking, you will receive an update via email or whatsapp with the used and remaining credit.
  • Should I always book through the call center or can I use the credit directly on the listed services without booking?
    It is advisable to always contact our call center and confirm the service in order to use the credit. Some partners may not apply credit if the booking has not been made previously. If this happens, we suggest you call us when you are with our partner to resolve the problem.
  • How can I get a duplicate if I lose my passport or if it has been stolen?
    You will receive a duplicate at your accommodation in Sardinia or it will be sent to you by express courier (costs covered by you).The cost of the duplicate is € 7.5 and will have the remaining credit.
  • What should I do if I have not been granted credit for one of the services offered and confirmed?
    You must immediately call +390707966254 in the presence of our partner. We remind you that it is important to have made a reservation with our call center before using the services.We cannot offer assistance if we are notified after using the services and in the absence of our partner.
  • How long is the passport valid for?
    The passport is valid for one year from the day of delivery. If you do not use all the credit, you can request renewal for the second year at a cost of € 7.50 and obtain a new credit of € 150.
  • Can I use my passport to pay for excursions for other people as well?
    The passport is personal, so it is not allowed to use credit for individual services such as excursions. You can use your personal credit for all other services including accommodation, car rental, restaurant bills and transfer services.
  • Can we accumulate passport credit to pay for services?
    No, this is not possible because the passport is personal.The credit can be counted on a single passport. For example, the bill in the restaurant, even if there are 3 passport holders, will have a maximum credit of € 100 for the total table bill.
  • Is the credit granted by Welcome to Sardinia always equal to 10% of the booked service?
    The system is simple and offers great benefits and offers a total credit of € 150 to be used for any service indicated in the passport. The credit applied is not always 10%, there are cases in which it could be lower, but never lower than 8% of the cost of the service. The CREDIT will always be communicated to you at the time of booking and you will be able to use it if you confirm
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